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1. Do you sell a wearable?

No, Personalytics is a software based on AI, not a wearable device. We connect the data from any wearable you already own except for Fitbit. Fitbit is the only wearable company that doesn't share their data.


2. Do you have an app that I can install on my phone/tablet?

We made a decision to not add another mobile app, our phones are already packed with apps. To use Personalytics, you need to sync your existing wearables to the official Google Fit app once and have the Facebook Messenger app installed on your phone.

3.  How do I sync my wearables?

Check the settings of any app or device app you want to sync with Google Fit app. Once you’re within settings, you’ll likely see something along the lines of Google Fit syncing. From there, you should be able to grant permissions to the app or device app. When you request permission, you should normally choose to sync all available information.

For Android:

Each app you connect will have a slightly different process to connect it. But generally you should:

1. Open the app you want to connect, like Strava, Garmin, or Polar.

2. Look for the Settings menu.

3. Look for the setting to connect other apps and devices. Depending on the app, this might be called 'Link other services,' 'Apps & devices,' 'Manage connections,' or something else.

4. Follow the onscreen instructions to sync the app to Google Fit.

For iPhone:

1. Make sure you’re logged into the Apple Health app. Then go to phone settings:
2. Select "Health", then select "Data Access & Devices".   

sync 1 .png

3. Choose the app you want to give permission to and toggle on the permissions you want to give.   

sync 2 .png

4.  What if I don’t have any wearables?

If you have no fitness tracker, you have two options on how to still be able to use Personalytics:

- you could either start using a fitness tracker (any model will do but for Fitbits), or

- you could use the "Sleep Cycle" app to track sleep (free version is enough) and Google Fit

5. What if I don’t get insights?

Usually it is a problem of sync between apps. Here is what we recommend to fix it:

1. Sync Google fit app with your fitness tracker (just open the Google fit app and swipe down) before ~10:20 am. That’s when the existing data is synced to our database.

2. Make sure your phone and fitness tracker are charged enough, put the phone to charge overnight. Often, entering low battery mode or phone your restarting prevents automatic synchronization. To sync your app just open Google fit

3. Lastly, sometimes synchronization can get disabled because of poor Bluetooth connection with your fitness tracking device. This depends on the brand but usually keeping the tracker not farther than 2 meters would maintain the connection.

In most cases, Google Fit automatically updates data every 30-90 minutes unless one of the above mentioned cases happen.


6.  How long does it take to get something useful out of the product?

We need at least 7 days to analyze your wellness data and pack it as a dashboard with cool correlations. Along with that you will receive insights focused on your sleep every morning and personalized wellness insights every evening just after you filled in a self-tracking form.


7.  What's your take on data privacy?

Note that your data is never available to any third party. Your data is stored in secure environments and only authorized staff members have access to it. For more info on our data policies, check our Privacy Policy page (the link is in the footer).

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